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Wine Cellars 

For wine collectors, wine racks simply aren’t good enough. Adding a custom build wine cellar is the perfect way for any wine enthusiast to keep their collection at home.

Not only does having a full wine cellar provide ample storage, it also ensures your wine is kept at the right temperature meaning it will taste as it was intended once opened. Besides the obvious benefit of storing your wine at optimal temperatures, a fully integrated wine cellar is great way to entertain your family and friends while also separating your home from others.

Custom built wine cellars can store dozens of bottles or even hundreds or thousands of bottle… it really just depends on your specific needs. Wine cellars range from small refrigerators to full walk-in coolers. Some can have inter-cellar seating and tasting areas that include all the necessities: wineglasses, carafes, aerators and corkscrews.

When considering adding customer built wine cellar, or remodeling an existing room and converting into a wine cellar, first start by analyzing your space and needs. If you enjoy both wine and beer you may consider a full home wet bar however wine lovers may wish to focus just on a wine cellar. Conduct research and discover the best conditions for storing your wine as you want your wine cellar to mimic the very same conditions. Be sure to also consider having your cellar space act as an entertaining area having the appropriately decor.

One of the most important items to consider before getting started on your wine cellar is the size of your wine collection or the size you envision it becoming. Are you a serious wine collector? Then investing in a walk in wine cellar with wall racks may be the best options for you. For someone with a smaller collection, a home wet bar with a wine cellar refrigerator would probably work the best. In either case adding a tasting area complete with a built in wine glass rack and a dining or bistro table are great additions to any wine cellar.

Keeping wine at the right temperature is the key function of a wine cellar so make sure the space you have dedicated to the wine cellar is kept at the correct temperature. If the cellar does not keep the wine at the correct temperature, it can age faster, oxidize and lose character and flavor. Whether you will use a walk in style cellar or refrigerators, make sure they will keep your wine collection at the right temperature.

Mediterranean wine cellar styles are certainly the most common however your wine cellar can have any design you desire. Wood and stone are commonly used but stainless steel, glass and other industrial materials can also be used for certain aspects of your cellar. For Italian themed wine cellars, mosaic tile, wine barrels and archways can deliver an authentic look and feel. Regardless of the style, be sure all the elements of the wind cellar fit together and support each other so nothing is mismatched or out of place.

Wet Bars 

Wet bars are a perfect addition for any home owner that enjoys entertaining friends and family. There are many different design and styles of wet bars and they typically include icemakers, dishwashers, wine coolers, beer kegs and taps and even televisions.

A custom built-in wet bar is usually placed on the wall and they transform a space close to a kitchen or dinning room into an ideal entertainment area. They typically include additional counter top space as well as a sink which allows them to also be used for kitchen duties.
Including other items such as bar stool seating and televisions turn a stand alone wet bar into a new space that will make your house perfect for entertaining and relaxing.

Cigar Humidors 

Cigar humidors are rapidly increasing in their popularity. Adding a custom build humidor is another great way to make your home stand out from the crowd. Woods such as pine and western red cedar not only provide the perfect material for humidors, they also add a touch of beauty to any room.

Using accents like crown molding, glass doors and other design elements, your custom build humidor will be an inviting area that is great for entertaining family and friends.

As with a wine cellar, the first consideration is the size of your collection and the corresponding space you will need in your house. Build a humidor that will work in your space. Make sure it keeps your cigars are the correct temperature and humidity so each and every cigar can be enjoyed to its full potential.

Next make sure the space you plan to use can house the humidor and can be converted properly. Including shelving and shelving systems are ideal for larger collections.
Finally adding the right decor to your humidor is important. Make sure the decor matches the humidor and flows with the rest of the space.

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