Residential Remodeling Straight Talk About the Remodeling Industry and Process

After years in the remodeling business AND after seeing numerous clients either make the same mistakes or help them fix the same mistakes, we at Paul L. Johnson Interiors decided to write a book to help any future clients through the process.

Now you can download our book, Residential Remodeling – Straight Talk About the Industry and Process. The book focuses on the remodeling process and what you can and should expect when you hire a remodeling contractor. It is a $300.00 value, yours free just for visiting.

Chapter 1: Words, and punctuation mean Things 10
Chapter 2: Non-Descript Proposals 24
Chapter 3: Details Details Details 40
Chapter 4: The Selection (dating) Process 64
Chapter 5: Two More Weeks 84
Chapter 6: I Only Asked the Guy For a Light-switch 94
Chapter 7: Understanding Context 106
Chapter 8: Change Orders 118
Chapter 9: Everything & Nothing 138
Chapter 10: Creating a Punch List 152
Chapter 11: Communication is Key 158
Chapter 12: Stroking That Check 166
Chapter 13: Value Engineering 170
Chapter 14: The Warranty 178


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Residential Remodeling Straight Talk About the Remodeling Industry and Process

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