Owner Representation

Owner Representation is an essential portion of any home remodel or renovation project. Hired by the owner, the owner’s representative is the key member of the building team. The owner’s representative is the on-site rep that directly represents the owner’s interest by ensuring the quality of the workmanship, that all contractors are working in a timely manner and all work is conducted in accordance with contract documents. In short, the owner’s representative is the eyes and ears for the owner on the job site.

Having both an in-depth knowledge of the remodeling and renovation process as well as a deep understanding of all aspects of home construction is essential to any owner representative. Monitoring and facilitating the construction progress, workmanship, schedule, and communication between the General Contractor (GC) and owner are the main duties of the owner’s representative. The owner’s representative does not take on the role of the designer, general contractor, construction superintendent or any other member of the building team but rather works with and oversees all of these parties so the job gets done right the first time and under budget.

An owner’s representative should be hired during the remodel and renovation design to help evaluate the plans, specs and materials prior to construction. This will help minimize change orders and cost over-runs. This way the owner’s representative will be familiar with the owner’s goals and it will assure continuity throughout the entire project.

By hiring Paul L. Johnson as an Owners Representative, the home owner will receive an unbiased opinion from a highly experienced home renovator that has worked in all facets of home remodeling and renovating.

Here is a list of just some of the owner's representative responsibilities: 

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