Home Theaters Media
Rooms and Man Caves

Adding a home theater, media room or man cave is a great way to separate your home from others. For movie buffs, transforming a family room or living room into a home theater or media room is a must. Today with the number of screens and viewing options available, creating a state of the art, beautiful home theater is more popular than ever.

Having a projector, full surround sound and theater seating means the best seat in the house is in your house! Now add in a old time popcorn machine, soda fountain, candy station or fully functional bar and you have a real movie experience right in your own home.

To begin the process of adding a home theater, media room or man cave to your house, first start with the researching the best equipment for your space.

Home Theater, Media Room and Man Cave Seating 

Home theater seating is a very important consideration for your space. Do you want a true and authentic movie experience? Then stadium seating is a must. Platforms and stairs can be added to mimic the tiers of movie theaters. Of course using large sectionals or reclining chairs are other good options. Regardless of the seating approach, make sure the are comfortable above all else.

Home Theater, Media Room and Man Cave Equipment 

When it comes to home theater, media room and man cave equipment, the two most important pieces are the projector and projector screen along with the right sound system.

The right projector and projector screen can make or break your home theater, media room or man cave. Do the research and find the very best projector and screen combo for your media room. Factors like lighting room size are essential to picking the correct visual components.
A high-definition television while not as large, do offer unmatched image quality. Today there are wall mounted televisions that nearly match the size of many projector screens.

Finally when considering the sound, a top of the line surround sound system is a must. Install speakers throughout the space and using soundproof wall panels will help make the home theater experience as authentic as possible with out intruding into other spaces in the home.

Home Theater, Media Room and Man Cave Wet Bar 

No home theater or media room is complete without popcorn! Adding items like an old time popcorn maker and soda fountain can make the movie experience even better. But why stop there, adding a full concession area is the perfect finishing touch to any home theater or media room. Finally, for man caves and more adult themed home theaters and media rooms, consider adding a fully stocked bar complete with beers on tap and a wine cellar.

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