Home Offices and Libraries

Today, the home office is an integral part of most homes. If you work from home, it is your office during work hours but is also the place where financial decisions are made and important documents are stored. For children a home office is where homework gets done and time on the computer is spent. Many times home office’s also act as the library or quiet reading room with soft natural lighting making them a great place for a lazy Sunday nap.

Adding, remodeling or renovating a home office is a large project and with most room remodeling, the layout and storage options are the most important priority. With many supplies, electronics and other equipment typically kept in a home office, having adequate shelves, drawers and cabinets is a must.

Part of this process should include finding or using a built-in desk that will provide everything your office requires. Work space, drawers for storage and having the right look and feel for the space.

Home Office Remodeling in Greenville, SC 

Organization, as with most rooms, is the key. Keeping your home office organized and free of clutter may be more imporant than any other room in your house. Keeping track of bills, financial statements and other important documents is a vital role for most home offices. Having a filing cabinet or comparable piece of furniture will help maintain organization.

Using built-in shelves and cabinets are a very popular option today. Built-in shelves and cabinets are an elegant way to store and organize a wide variety of items. While built-in drawers make it easy to organizers and keep office supplies from cluttering up the office space.

Home Office Desk 

Selecting the perfect desk for your home office is extremely important. First consider is primary and main function as well as any secondary functions. Will you be working from home consistently? If so it is good to have a desk that allows you to keep all of your work related items in one single place. Having a professional look is also important. Just because you are working from home, it does not mean the work is any less important. It is also a good idea to have a second desk or area dedicated to non-work or family activities so there are no mix ups or missing work documents. A desk large enough for two people is also beneficial for families. Built-in desks are a great way to maximize space and increase storage options.

Home Office Decor 

Choose a decor for your home office that will motivate you and help you be productive as possible. While most traditional home offices use wood as the main material, if you desire a more modern look and feel, chose materials that make you happy. Also by adding simple items like globes, maps, travel souvenirs, table lamps and vases are a great way to personalize your home office space. Photographs of your family and friends is great way to add even more of personal touch to your space. Items such as dry erase or chalk boards are great build-ins that tie form and function together.

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