Dining Room and Family Room
Remodeling and Renovations

Dining Room Renovations in Greenville, SC 

The dining room should be a simple space. Solely about eating and entertaining, it really serves one main purpose unlike kitchens or living rooms. Dining room use can certainly be infrequent however they are essential for holiday meals, parties and a family dinner.

Since dining rooms are typically simple and straightforward they can be difficult to renovate and remodel. In fact, sometimes a simple update of furniture is all that is needed. Keep in mind though that the dining room set is the focal point of the room so be sure the dining room set you choose delivers the look, feel and functionality you desire.

For those ready for a true upgrade, consider using interesting materials and colors as a way to add personality and flare to what can sometimes be a rather mundane or boring room. Adding custom built in china cabinets, a buffet table or storage is another great way to make your dining your own. Also adding items like chandeliers, mirrors or dramatic lighting can be the difference between a good and amazing dining room space.
Living Rooms and Family Rooms Renovations in Greenville, SC 

If the kitchen is the heart of a home then perhaps the living room is the soul of a home. Living rooms serve different functions in each home. Some operate as a family room, others are used most for watch TV, some are used for relaxing and entertaining guests.
Regardless of the purpose of the living room, a few items remain constant: the space should be warm and inviting and it should contain well-spaced, comfortable furniture.

Starting a living room remodel can be a bit overwhelming, however the best place to start is to decide the main function and purpose of the living room. Will it be more an area to entertain and watch TV? Or will it be a more formal living room with elegant features like a fireplace, mantel, etc.

After you have decided on the overall use, the rest will begin to fall into place as you determine the main focal point of the room. Whether it is a fireplace, entertainment center or large windows for gazing outside, once you have determined the main focal point of the living room you should begin to design around it. Adding built in storage, bookcases or cabinets are often a great way to help frame your focal point.

Beyond custom build-ins, deciding on what colors, materials and lighting will be used also goes a long way in determining the look and feel of your living room. Hardwood or carpet. Painted walls or some other materials. The options are endless. Finally, consider decor items like rugs, artwork and curtains as they should deliver the perfect accent to your new living room.

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