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Home Remodeling in Greenville, SC 

Remodeling and renovating your home improves the comfort, style, and function and it also increases its value. The function, features and scope of your house remodel will directly determine the contractors and expertise you will need for this large project.

The are numerous areas you can choose to remodel in your home. In addition the size, the condition, finishes and other characteristics of the home will help determine which spaces should be renovated as well as the budget of the remodeling. Some rooms require the skill set of multiple contractors to work on systems and structure, while other remodeling can be achieved with cosmetic upgrades and updates.

Generally speaking, a kitchen remodel is the most time consuming and expensive, while others like remodeling a bathroom, bedroom or master suite or a home office are typically less expensive. Of course, everything you choose from the finishes and features to the appliances and built-ins, has a direct effect on your remodel project.

Age of Home to be Remodeled 

The age of a home has a lot to do with whether or not the home remodel will be straightforward or more complex. Newer homes have better access to change wiring, plumbing and ventilation. In addition, framing is often better constructed in new buildings versus older ones. Furthermore, the condition of newer structures usually requires less initial repair to accommodate upgrades and remodeling. However, many older homes are in need of being renovated and we have years of experience doing so. With older homes or new, it is important to fully understand the contractor’s, overall manpower and the time that will be needed to complete the home remodel.

In the end, remodeling a home is a great way to improve both the value and the overall appeal of your home. However depending on what portions of your home are being renovated and the duration of time it takes, some remodels are more disruptive than others. Obviously a large kitchen remodel means the kitchen, for at least some period of time, will not be fully functional.

Well before any work begins, we will help you evaluate the factors that influence the complexity of the remodel, from the age and size of your home to the features, functions and upgrades you select. Thorough planning is the best way to minimize any potential issues or disruption associated with your remodel.

Securing Building Permits 

Nearly all home remodeling projects require permits issued by municipalities. Fees and required permits vary by location. Should you fail to obtain the proper building permits it will almost certainly cause delays, fines and cost overruns. This adds to the overall costs of your remodel, so having the proper permits is crucial.

With Paul L. Johnson as your general contractor, he will fully evaluate your plans (or have them created) to determine the correct subcontractors like electricians, plumbers, finish carpenter and/or home theater technician that will be needed. In addition we also secure any and all building permits necessary to complete the work.

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