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Bedroom Remodeling in Greenville, SC 

Today the bedroom is much more than simply a space or room where a person sleeps. Often a bedroom is a special place where one goes to relax and escape from our busy lives.

When a bedroom is properly put together, it provides a private sanctuary that helps alleviate stress and encourages relaxation. Using soothing colors and comfortable bedding items can have a profound effect on the overall look and feel of a bedroom. Of course you can turn your bedroom into your own master suite by introducing a sitting room and master bathroom.

Like with most rooms, before remodeling or renovating a bedroom, first consider how you and your significant other will utilize the room. First and foremost your bedroom or master suite is all about you. Typically there aren’t many significant layout or remodeling changes to make however determining the layout of your furniture is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. Once the furniture arrives, an open bedroom can quickly become cramped and crowded so be sure you only have furniture in your bedroom you will use. Pieces like dressers, nightstands, armoires and of course a bed, are essentials for many people however, if you don’t have a use for a armoire then don’t feel the need to have one in your bedroom or master suite.

After you have determined your mix of furniture, next begin to think about the colors and overall color scheme of your bedroom. Using colors and decorations that match or reflect your personality is a great way to make your bedroom truly yours.

Bedroom Layout 

Room size and shape is the most important aspect of any bedroom or master suite remodel and renovation. Before deciding on a furniture set, be sure to consider the room size. You may have the need for multiple dressers and nightstands but you may not have the space. Taking a clean, open bedroom and turning into a cramped, uninviting space is never a good idea. Measure the furniture and even place tape outlines on the floor so you can visualize exactly how it will fit. Leave more walking space than you feel you need. This will keep the area open and allow plenty of space for cabinet doors and drawers to be easily opened and closed.

Choosing the perfect spot for your bed is also vitally important. Keep in mind the location of windows and doors. Having your nightly sleep interrupted by even the smallest light can be extremely frustrating and require your bed to be moved to a new location.

Creating a Master Suite 

Adding a sitting area, a walk-in closet or a connected master bathroom can transfer your master bedroom from a place where you sleep into a true master suite. For example adding a reading nook by a large picture window with a comfortable chaise lounge is the perfect way to create a master suite that is truly yours.

Today additions such as fireplaces and wet bars are more popular than ever and provide an intimacy that can be felt as soon as a person walks into the space. In addition adding a large, functional and attractive walk-in closet is the perfect way to transform a bedroom into a master suite.

Bedroom Color Scheme and Decor 

Color is often a matter of opinion however colors do represent certain feelings. Colors can produce emotional responses so careful consideration is necessary when selected your color scheme. Colors that produce relaxing feelings are perfect for any bedroom or master suite. Blue for example has shown to be calming and studies have even shown people with blue bedrooms get more sleep. Bright colors can contribute to better mode but also may keep people up longer at bedtime. Of course if you and significant other can’t agree on colors then it is always good to use neutral colors as these usually satisfy everyone. Shades of green, brown and even gray are great options.

As for decor, try to keep the space clean and free of clutter. Clutter can overstimulate the mind when it should be relaxing. Also keep photos in other rooms as they can detract from romance and intimacy and cause trouble sleeping.

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