Bathroom and Master Bath Remodeling
and Renovations in Greenville, SC​

Bathroom Remodeling in Greenville, SC 

n addition, many homeowner look for rooms that don’t require a large amount of work when remodeling and many times bathrooms a perfect candidate. Plus remodeled and renovated bathrooms can greatly increase the value (and resale value) of a home making it a great value from the homeowners perspective.

When beginning the process of a bathroom remodel and renovation, consider what you and your family will need as well as what other homeowners might desire. This way you will get the most value from your bathroom remodel.

Today’s modern bathrooms contain popular features like double (his and hers) sinks, walk-in and multiple-head showers, over sized and jacuzzi style bathtubs and increased storage options are in high demand.
Bathroom Layout 

The layout of the bathroom is the most important element to consider before any remodel or renovation begins. Think long and hard how you and your family uses the space but also consider how future buyers may use the space as well. Perhaps a walk-in shower is a good idea since your family will not use the bathroom for taking baths. Conversely, future buyers might desire a tub so make sure the home has a bathtub in at least one of the bathrooms.

For those with large families and buy bathrooms, it may make sense to have a divided or separate toilet area away from the shower and sinks so multiple people can use the bathroom facilities at the same time. In the end, the practical function of the bathroom will probably also be attractive to future buyers, so make sure you choose a layout that works for you first and foremost.

Bathroom Storage 

Vanities in bathrooms continue to increase in size every year it seems. This is direct result of the high demand for increased storage options located in bathrooms. Adding additional storage space to any bathroom remodel is a good idea. Over sized or double vanities are a good option to increase storage area, as is introducing wall mounted or built-in cabinets and shelving. Much like the kitchen, organization is key to saving space so make sure drawers, trays and bins are organized and in a logical and efficient manner.

Bathroom Materials 

Again, as with kitchens, bathroom layout and storage options are pretty standard so using interesting and eye-catching materials is a great way to make a bathroom stand out from the crowd. Today there is an almost endless array of types and styles of tile that can be used in the bathroom. From tile floors to mosaic tile showers to tile back splashes, tile is a great way to add character and beauty to any bathroom. In addition, using stylish cabinets, fixtures and other hardware can make the difference between an average and exceptional bathroom remodel and renovation.

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